Stay Focused With Tiempo AI: Boost Your Productivity

Boost your productivity with Tiempo. This AI-driven Chrome extension helps you stay on track by redirecting your attention when you stray from your goals.

Staying focused while working online can be tough. Distractions are everywhere, and before you know it, you’ve lost precious time scrolling through social media or reading irrelevant articles. That’s where Tiempo comes in. This free Chrome extension uses AI to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Developed by former Facebook employees Victor and Vlad, Tiempo aims to transform your computer back into the productivity tool they are meant to be. It is perfect for individuals who want to boost their productivity, students who need to stay on track while researching, and professionals who want to minimize distractions during work hours.

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How it works:

You begin by setting a specific goal for your browsing session, whether it’s finishing a report, researching a topic, or simply reducing time spent on social media.

As you browse, Tiempo analyzes the content of each page you visit, assessing its relevance to your stated goal.

If you stray to non-relevant pages, Tiempo triggers a reminder popup to help redirect your attention back to your original objective.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Google Web Store and add the Tiempo extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Upon activation, Tiempo will ask you to set a goal for your browsing session. Be specific – the clearer your goal, the better Tiempo can assist you. For example, “I want to spend less time on social media.”

Tiempo AI Extension Goal

3. As you browse, Tiempo provides a real-time focus score from 0 to 10, displayed via an on-screen widget. This score reflects how well your browsing activities align with your set goals. For instance, visiting a site like might score high due to its relevance to productivity.

Tiempo AI Extension Score

4. If you start visiting pages that aren’t related to your goal, Tiempo steps in with a “Friction Page” overlay. This serves as a friendly reminder to get back on track.

Tiempo AI Extension Get Back

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