Boost Productivity With Gemini Side Panel For Chrome

Ready to multitask like a pro? Install Gemini Side Panel extension for instant AI assistance while you browse.

Gemini Side Panel is a Chrome extension that integrates Gemini, most advanced AI assistant, directly into your browser’s side panel.

Users can enjoy the power of Gemini AI without ever leaving their current webpage. This is perfect for multitasking individuals who need AI support while working on other online tasks, such as composing emails, researching, or writing content.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Gemini Side Panel extension. Once installed, make sure it’s activated in your Chrome settings.

2. Open the ‘Gemeni Side Panel’ by clicking on the convenient emoji icon on your toolbar.

Gemini Side Panel Toggle Icon

3. With the side panel open, you can continue working on your current webpage while using Gemini’s AI features in the panel next to it. No more tab switching or context loss!

Gemini Side Panel Toggled

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