Instant AI-powered Search With Circle to Search Extension

Enhance your browsing experience with Circle to Search. Circle text or images for instant AI-driven insights without leaving your page!

Circle to Search is a brand-new Chrome extension that enables quick AI-powered searches and chats with just a single click.

Just circle the text, image, or any other web element that piques your curiosity. The AI-powered extension will then take over and provide you with relevant information, insights, and context related to your selection.

This works for anything that sparks your curiosity – a specific product mentioned in a review, an unfamiliar scientific term, or even a captivating image. No more copying and pasting, switching tabs, or losing your train of thought.

How to use it:

1. Install the Circle to Search Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Once activated, you’ll see a handy floating icon on your Chrome browser. Click on it to activate the search circle.

Circle to Search Extension Launch

3. Circle to highlight text or images on any webpage you’re browsing.

4. The AI then instantly analyzes the content you’ve highlighted and delivers relevant information and insights in moments.

Circle to Search Extension Result

5. Continue interacting with the AI to explore deeper insights and further information about the content you’re interested in.

Circle to Search Extension Chat

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