Upscale Your Favorite Anime Images/Videos With APISR AI

An AI solution for super-resolving anime images. Restore clarity and bring your favorite anime to life. Try it now!

APISR (Anime Production Inspired Real-World Anime Super-Resolution) is a new SR (super-resolution) AI technology designed specifically for enhancing and restoring low-quality, low-resolution anime images and video sources.

Unlike traditional methods that borrow from the photorealistic domain, APISR redefines the standards by focusing solely on the unique demands of anime production.

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One of the key challenges APISR tackles is the distortion and faintness of hand-drawn lines, as well as unwanted color artifacts that can plague anime visuals. To address these issues, APISR employs a prediction-oriented compression module in its image degradation model, which ensures crisp and vibrant line work. Additionally, it utilizes a pseudo-ground truth preparation technique to enhance hand-drawn lines further.

Furthermore, APISR introduces a balanced twin perceptual loss that combines both anime and photorealistic high-level features. This ingenious approach mitigates color artifacts and increases visual clarity, resulting in true-to-life anime visuals that will leave you in awe.

How to use it:

1. Access APISR playground on HuggingFace or Google Colab.

2. Upload your chosen image in the INPUT box and select your desired model (4xGPL or 2xRRDB) from the dropdown menu.

3. No images at hand? No worries! You can select from several example images provided below the input area.

Anime Production Inspired Real-World Anime Super-Resolution Upload

4. Click the submit button, and witness the transformation as APISR works its magic. Within seconds, you’ll have a high-resolution version of your anime image, ready to be saved and admired.

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