Top GPT Picks: Discover Weekly Featured GPTs From The GPT Store

See the featured GPTs handpicked by experts at GPT Store. Discover the most useful AI assistants you may have missed.

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of GPTs available? You’re not alone! With millions of custom ChatGPTs popping up, choosing the right one can be daunting.

Luckily, the GPT Store team does the work for you. Each week they handpick the most useful and engaging GPTs to showcase.

In this post, you’ll find a complete list of their top GPT recommendations from recent weeks. These GPTs are organized by the number of weeks they’ve been featured, so you can see which ones have staying power versus flash-in-the-pan trends.

Save yourself the headache of sifting through the millions of options. We’ve compiled the cream of the crop right here, so you can feel confident you’re starting with the best.


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
ChatPRDAn on-demand Chief Product Officer that drafts and improves your PRDs, while coaching you to become an elite product manager. 4.3/510K+
Music TeacherTheory, scales, production, arrangement/composition, genres, VSTs, DAWs, piano, guitar, percussion, marketing and more! Also includes DALLE image generation for cover art.4.3/5100K+
UX Design Mentorspecific UX or Product Design feedback.3.7/55K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
Adobe ExpressQuickly and easily make impactful social posts, images, videos, flyers, and more. 3.0/510K+
Code CopilotCode Smarter, Build Faster—With the Expertise of a 10x Programmer by Your Side.4.1/5100K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
Social Butterfly-AIAI Assistant for content development and social media strategy. Nuanced, guided assistance developing, planning, writing, researching and distributing engaging content. Assistance for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok and Pinterest.4.4/51K+
Software Architect GPTBuilds new software architecture documents by understanding user requirements and design constraints4.4/51K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
MapGPTDiscover the world around you. 3.4/51K+
Question MakerCreates a range of academic questions from PDFs.4.2/5900+
Makeup MavenAn expert in makeup products, providing tailored recommendations based on preferences and skin types.400+
Library of BabelThe Library of Babel is a Personal Assistant Librarian who will help you find the perfect book. Talk about a book on your mind, one you read recently, and work with the Librarian to find your next great read!3.7/5600+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
Personal Color AnalysisPersonal color analyst helping you find your best colors.4.4/510K+
Whimsical DiagramsExplains and visualizes concepts with flowcharts, mindmaps and sequence diagrams.4.1/5300K+
Drawn to StyleI creatively transform drawings and pictures into different artistic styles.3.6/5100K+
SellMeThisPenCreate second hand marketplace listings based on pictures. Start by uploading a picture.4.3/550K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
Book Creator GuideA writing assistant specializing in book creation, web research, and format recommendations.4.4/55K+
Gauntlet: MoviesEnjoy this Five-strike movie trivia game.4.3/51K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
Escape the HauntA text-based haunted hotel escape adventure.4.4/510K+
The Designer’s Mood BoardMood Board Specialist3.7/510K+


GPT NameDescriptionRatingChats
WolframAccess computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data from Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language.4.2/5200K+
ElevenLabs Text To SpeechConvert text into lifelike speech with ElevenLabs (limited to 1,500 characters)4.1/5100K+

We hope this list of top picks from the GPT Store has sparked some ideas for GPTs you’d like to try.

Remember – the ratings, number of conversions, and other metrics reflect the data at the time each GPT was chosen as a featured pick. The current numbers may differ as these GPTs continue to evolve.

Don’t forget to check back each week as the GPT Store team curates new batches of noteworthy AI assistants for you to explore.

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