Suggest Commands From Natural Language Using AI – Shell-AI

Stop memorizing terminal syntax and make your dev workflow smoother with Shell-AI's intelligent command suggestions from natural language input.

Shell-AI is a tiny and open-source CLI utility that bridges the natural language and command-line tasks. Works cross-platform on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Simply describe what you want to do in plain English, and Shell-AI suggests single-line commands to accomplish it.

Built on the foundation of LangChain AI and enriched by the interactive features of InquirerPy, Shell-AI is your intelligent command-line companion that makes the complex simple.

GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Begin by installing Shell-AI directly from PyPI using the command:

pip install shell-ai

2. Once installed, it’s time to put Shell-AI to work. Open your terminal and type in your natural language request, like:

shai run terraform dry run thingy

3. Shell-AI will swiftly provide you with 3 command suggestions to fulfill your request. For the above, you might get:

terraform plan
terraform plan -input=false
terraform plan

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