Magika AI: Google’s Open-Source File Type Detection Using Deep Learning

Identify file types in milliseconds using Google's new open-source deep learning tool Magika! Works in Python, JavaScript, and CLI.

Magika is an open-source, AI-powered file type detection tool from Google that uses deep learning to accurately identify over 100 file types in milliseconds. It provides Python, JavaScript, and command-line interfaces and achieves over 99% precision and recall.

Magika enables developers to easily incorporate fast and robust file type detection into their applications. It can be used for routing files to proper security scanners, implementing upload validation, or any use case requiring identifying binary or text file formats.

With a 1MB model size and 5ms inference time per file, Magika brings high-performance deep learning file type detection to any system. It balances prediction confidence and accuracy via high, medium, and best-guess modes.

Magika is already used at scale within Google to classify Gmail attachments, Drive files, and Safe Browsing content. It outperforms previous file type detection approaches and its open source nature allows community collaboration.



How to use it:

1. Install Magika to fit your development environment. It supports Python, Node.js, and even browser applications.

$ pip install magika
$ npm install Magika

2. Refer to the official Magika documentation for detailed instructions on integrating and using the tool in command-line interfaces or browser-based applications.

3. Explore Magika’s capabilities firsthand through Google’s web demo. This user-friendly web app allows you to upload and identify various file types effortlessly, showcasing the tool’s efficiency and accuracy.

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