Generate Stunning Visuals with the Recraft AI Artboard

An AI art generation tool to generate stunning vector art, illustrations, logos, icons and 3D images in your style.

The provides an infinite AI artboard to generate unique vector art, illustrations, logos, icons, 3D images, and more in your preferred style.

Select artistic styles, add color palettes, and describe what you expect to see, then let Recraft handle transforming your inputs into high-res, downloadable PNG or SVG. Instead of juggling the intricacies of design, users can focus on harnessing their creativity while the AI manages the rest.

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More Features:

  • Convert illustrations into vectors and edit or fix as needed using their selection and anatomy tool
  • Download your designs as high-res PNGs or SVGs for both print and digital use
  • Scale and resize images effortlessly without losing quality
  • Gain inspiration from designs generated by the Recraft community
  • Save time coming up with design concepts and let the AI interpret your creative vision

How to use it:

1. Visit and log in to the website.

2. Choose an artistic style or upload your style image.

Recraft AI Artboard Art

3. Describe what you expect to see.

Recraft AI Artboard Describe

4. Click the Recraft button to visualize your ideas and turn them into creative art pieces.

5. Save your work in high-resolution png or svg format.

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