Reddit Thread Summarizer Using GPT And Claude

Use GPT-4 and Claude 2 to effortlessly summarize complex Reddit threads. Save time and get to the heart of the discussion.

This a Python-powered web app that uses GPT (Claude) to generate summaries of Reddit thread discussions automatically. It extracts comments from any Reddit thread URL you provide and, groups them into chunks, then summarizes them into cohesive overviews using GPT.

You can customize options like the summary length, number of summaries, chunk size, and the AI model used (GPT-3, GPT-4, Claude, Claude 2 etc.) to control the depth and type of summarization. The summarizer starts by scraping the title, original post text, and all comments from the given Reddit thread.

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It then divides the comments into groups based on your chosen chunk size. For each group, it generates a prompt combining the thread title, original post, and comment text. This prompt is used to summarize the comments in that chunk using your selected AI model. The end result is a series of summaries capturing the essence and main discussion points of the entire Reddit thread.

How to use it:

1. Download and Install the Reddit GPT Summarizer.

poetry install

2. Create a .env file as follows:

REDDIT_USER_AGENT='linux:com.youragent.reddit-gpt-summarizer:v1.0.0 (by /u/yourusername)'

3. Run the web app.

streamlit run app/

4. Input the URL of your chosen Reddit thread, and let the summarizer do its work.

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