Summarize and Chat with Large PDF Files Using ChatGPT

Bringthe power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to your PDFs. Summarize, interact, and understand your PDF files like never before.

A fast and free PDF summarizer tool that allows you to summarize the content of PDF documents and ask questions about what you’re reading using natural language.

It has the ability to process even very large PDFs by automatically splitting them into smaller chunks that fit within the OpenAI GPT model’s context limit.

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How to use it:

1. Visit

2. Choose to summarize a PDF or ask a specific question about this document.

pdf2gpt summarize or ask pdf

3. Upload or provide a link to your PDF, and the pdf2gpt toll will analyze the text and create a summary you can skim through or start a conversational back-and-forth by typing in questions about what you want to know more about.

pdf2gpt upload url

Use Cases:

  • Quickly get the highlights from lengthy documents, reports, research papers or books
  • Study more efficiently by identifying what you need to focus on in your reading
  • Ask clarifying questions about complex or technical concepts and topics
  • Interact with and query the contents of PDFs as if conversing with another person
  • Generate conversational summaries and insights from PDFs on virtually any subject

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