An Open-source AI Article Summarizer Based On GPT-4

Tired of lengthy reads? Try this free and open-source AI Summarizer for quick, concise article summaries!

AI Article Summarizer is an open-source web application that utilizes AI to generate concise summaries of lengthy online articles.

Built with React, Redux Toolkit, and Tailwind CSS, it provides a modern interface and leverages OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4 model under the hood.

Key features include summary generation, local storage of reading history, and easy sharing via clipboard copy.

Can be for busy professionals, researchers, students, and anyone who wants to stay informed without sacrificing precious time.

GitHub RepoLive Demo

How to Deploy:

1. To get started, make sure you have Git, Node.js, and NPM installed on your machine.

2. Clone the AI Article Summarizer repo from GitHub.

git clone

3. Install dependencies.

cd ai_summarizer
npm install

4. Create a file named .env in the project root and add this line:


Replace “YOUR_API_KEY” with your actual Rapid API credentials (you can get them at the Rapid API website).

5. Start development server:

npm run dev

6. Head over to http://localhost:5173 in your browser, and AI Article Summarizer will be waiting to tackle your text mountains.

AI Article Summarizer Example

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