Fix Bugs Faster By Explaining Your Code Using AI – Whybug

Leverage AI to provide clear explanations of code errors and step-by-step recommendations to resolve bugs faster.

Whybug is an AI assistant that explains errors and recommends fixes to help you debug faster.

By simply feeding your error message into the tool, Whybug uses its powerful AI engine, trained on vast data from StackExchange and other sources, to predict the root cause of the bug and provide effective solutions.

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Whether you’re stumped by a syntax error, null pointer exception, timeout issue, or other common problems, Whybug has your back. Debug smarter and ship code faster with AI assistance.

How to use it:

1. Go to

2. Paste in your error message or stack trace.

Whybug AI Code Debugger Input

3. Click Explain and Whybug will go to work:

  • The cause of the bug
  • Possible solutions to fix the error
  • An example fix in code

4. Please note that while Whybug strives to provide the most accurate explanations and fixes, it’s always a good practice to test any solution in your specific coding environment before implementing it.

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