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Simplify influencer marketing with Myinfluencer, a free AI tool that finds the perfect niche influencers. Get expert analysis and curated lists now!

Myinfluencer is a free AI tool that helps you find the right influencers for your niche.

You just type your requirements, MyInfluencer delivers an expertly curated list of influencers along with a detailed analysis to ensure you connect with the right personalities to promote your brand.

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Navigating the complex landscape of influencer marketing often requires substantial investment, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses.

MyInfluencer bridges this gap by leveraging advanced AI technologies and up-to-date market data to provide affordable, effective solutions.

In addition, the influencer data is updated in real time to ensure you always have access to the most current information. This enables you to stay ahead of trends and make informed decisions.

How to use it:

1. Visit the MyInfluencer platform and enter your marketing needs in the text field.

2. Press the ‘Analyze & Search’ button, and the tool will identify your niche and generate comprehensive insights, including Product Positioning, Target Customers, Potential Influencer Matches, Content Creation Ideas, and more.

For instance, if you’re seeking photography influencers, the report might include positioning angles like highlighting innovation, quality, and creativity, identifying target customers such as professional photographers, enthusiasts, content creators, and businesses, and suggesting potential influencer matches like renowned photographers, educators, lifestyle influencers, and tech reviewers.

photography influencers Research Insight & Analysis

3. Myinfluencer then analyzes influencer profiles, content, and your campaign goals to determine the perfect match. You’ll receive clear match scores and evaluation reasoning to make informed decisions.

photography influencers list

4. If the initial three influencer recommendations do not fully meet your needs, select ‘Continue Research’ for additional options. This deeper analysis takes a few minutes but ensures a thorough match.

photography influencers continue research

5. Once the research is complete, click “Download Full Report” to receive a CSV file containing a comprehensive list of influencers, including:

  • Influencer name
  • Handle
  • Platform
  • URL
  • Followers
  • Engagement Rate
  • Average View
  • Latest Post
  • Profile Tags
  • Location
  • Match Score
  • Evaluation Analysis
  • And more.

This CSV file provides valuable information to help you reach out to influencers effectively.

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