Plan Your Perfect Trip with Hadana: The Free AI Travel Companion

Use Hadana's free AI to create custom itineraries based on your budget, interests, and travel style. Explore smarter, travel happier.

Hadana is a free, AI-powered travel planner that helps you plan the perfect trip using advanced AI.

It generates personalized itineraries by taking your preferences into account, such as your budget, desired activities, and the length of your stay.

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Hadana helps you save time and money by optimizing your travel route and recommending the best local experiences. It also suggests hidden gems, authentic cuisines, and must-see attractions that fit your interests.

How to use it:

1. Visit Hadana app and register for a free account. Hadana is completely free, and once you register, you can generate and save unlimited itineraries for future use.

2. Click on the ‘Start Planning’ button to begin crafting your new adventure. Input the essential details of your trip—destination, travel dates, type of trip (solo, couple, friends, or family), and your budget range.

Hadana Trip Planner Enter Details

3. Submit your information. Hadana’s AI will generate a detailed travel itinerary based on your preferences, including suggested attractions and activities for each day, estimated daily expenses, and more. The generation time depends on the length of your trip.

Hadana Trip Planner Tokyo

4. For a three-day trip to Tokyo with a budget of over $10,000, Hadana generated the following itinerary:

Day 1: Shibuya Crossing & Trendy Harajuku
Start your day by witnessing the iconic Shibuya Crossing, a mesmerizing spectacle of pedestrian chaos. Explore the trendy shops and cafes of Harajuku, known for its unique fashion and street style. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant.
Budget fot the day: $3000

Day 2: Imperial Palace & Asakusa Temple
Visit the serene Imperial Palace, the residence of the Japanese Imperial Family. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Asakusa Temple, Tokyo's oldest temple, and explore the vibrant Nakamise-dori street lined with traditional shops. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through Ueno Park, home to museums, a zoo, and a beautiful pond.
Budget fot the day: $2500

Day 3: Ghibli Museum & Shinjuku Skyscrapers
Step into the magical world of Studio Ghibli at the Ghibli Museum, a whimsical wonderland for animation fans. Ascend to the observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Enjoy a delightful dinner at a ramen shop in Shinjuku, known for its bustling atmosphere and delicious food.
Budget fot the day: $2500

5. Never worry about losing your itineraries. Every trip you create is safely stored under the ‘My Trips’ section, ready for you when you need them.

Hadana Trip Planner My Trips

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