Generate Daily Itineraries Based On Your Budget And Interests – Planit Earth AI

Let Planit Earth's AI take the work out of travel planning. Get personalized daily itineraries, save time and money, and discover hidden gems.

Tired of spending hours planning your next vacation?

Planit Earth uses advanced AI to create customized daily itineraries based on your travel preferences, budget, and interests. Enter your destination, trip length, budget, and activity preferences into the site’s intuitive planning form. The AI will then generate a daily itinerary with transportation, accommodations, top attractions, hidden gems, and more.

You save hours of research and planning time. You discover amazing sights you may have otherwise missed. You get insider local tips and deals to maximize your budget. And you can replan anytime if needed. Whether backpacking or luxury travel, Planit Earth has your trip covered with 24/7 AI trip planning for over 200 countries.

How to use it:

1. Jump onto the Planit Earth website and you’re one step closer to your dream trip.

2. Fill out the form with your destination, duration of stay, budget type, and activities of interest.

Planit Earth Fill Form

3. Want to see places many miss out on? Toggle the ‘Show Hidden Gems’ (Less popular secret destinations and hidden spots) option.

4. Click on ‘Generate My Itinerary.’ Within seconds, you’ll have a tailored travel plan right in front of you.

Planit Earth New York Plan

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