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Tired of tourist traps? Traveliciou's free AI travel planner crafts unique trips based on your interests & budget. Explore like a local!

Traveliciou is a 100% free and user-friendly travel assistant that uses AI to generate a unique itinerary that includes hidden gems, culinary delights, and must-see attractions.

It’s perfect for foodies, adventurers, art lovers, history buffs, and anyone looking to explore a new city, maximize a short vacation, or just break free from typical tourist trails.

Moreover, Traveliciou takes the guesswork out of budgeting by providing cost-effective recommendations that fit your desired spending level. Say goodbye to overspending or missing out on amazing experiences due to budget constraints.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Traveliciou web app.

2. Enter your desired travel destination and the dates of your trip.

Traveliciou AI travel assistant Date

3. Specify your budget preference (low, medium, or high) and select your travel interests from the provided categories, such as Art & Museums, Shopping & Markets, Nature & Outdoors, Historical & Cultural Sites, Food & Culinary, Relaxation & Wellness, or Architecture & Design.

Traveliciou AI travel assistant preference

4. Click the “Submit” button, and Traveliciou’s AI will process your inputs to create a personalized itinerary for your upcoming adventure.

5. Review your detailed itinerary, which includes daily plans, from what attractions to visit to where to eat, all tailored to your preferences and budget.

6. Here’s a sample itinerary I generated for a three-day trip to Tokyo, Japan, on a medium budget. The left section outlines the daily schedule, detailing the recommended attractions, restaurants, and activities. The map on the right pinpoints the exact locations of the places mentioned in the itinerary, making it easy for you to navigate and plan your route.

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