Talk To GraphQL APIs In Natural Language With ChatGQL

Interact with GraphQL APIs in natural language using ChatGQL. No more learning GraphQL query language!

ChatGQL is an AI assistant that allows developers to query GraphQL APIs using natural language.

It makes it easy to interact with GraphQL APIs without writing GraphQL syntax. This eliminates the need to learn GraphQL query language, making GraphQL more accessible to everyone.

How to use it:

1. Navigate to the ChatGQL website. This is your control center for interacting with GraphQL APIs.

ChatGQL GraphQL API Path

2. Start a conversation with ChatGQL. Just type in what you want to do in plain English as if you were chatting with a friend. Example Questions:

  • Write a query to fetch top 10 posts from my publication
  • Write a mutation to publish a post
  • How can I paginate a list of posts from my publication
  • Write a query to fetch a post from my publication with slug “how-to-interact-with-graphql-api”

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