Run Generative AI On-Premise with BionicGPT

An open-source alternative to ChatGPT that prioritizes data confidentiality without compromising on AI functionality.

BionicGPT offers an on-premise Generative AI solution for confidential data. Running smoothly on your everyday laptop or scaling up to meet data center demands, it’s designed to be your adaptable, user-friendly Generative AI solution.

GitHub Repo

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  • Quick and efficient: turn your AI ideas into reality in no time.
  • Multiple prompt options: customize prompts according to teams or users.
  • Comprehensive Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) set up for ease of use.
  • User-friendly APIs: deploy your RAG setup to be used in various applications.
  • Open-source model compatibility.
  • Default integration with LLama 2 7B.
  • Easily integrate with popular platforms like Google, Amazon, and Azure.
  • Test multiple models simultaneously or use hybrid model setups.
  • Team-specific data management with high-level security.
  • Self-managed team setups with no user restrictions.
  • Role-specific access control for enhanced data security and task division.
  • Integrate with 300+ data sources via Airbyte.
  • Efficient data chunking and embedding for seamless processing.
  • High-standard security features.
  • SSO, SIEM, and modular architecture for adaptable security.
  • Expert-level support contracts and consultancy options.
  • Native compatibility with Kubernetes for hassle-free deployment.

Deploy it locally:

1. Start by downloading the Docker Compose file:

curl -O

2. Then, simply run:

docker-compose up

3. Visit http://localhost:7800 to access the frontend, leading you to a registration page.

BionicGPT Signup

4. The inaugural user will automatically be assigned as the system administrator. Rest assured, all your information remains local, ensuring data privacy.

5. For updating BionicGPT, it’s advised to use docker-compose down -v to refresh the database entirely.

6. For in-depth information, always refer to the Official Documentation.

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