Fix Lazy Eyes In Portraits With Lazyeyefix AI

Fix lazy eye in photos effortlessly with Lazyeyefix AI! Dive in to perfect your portraits.

Have you ever taken a great photo only to find that one eye looks a bit off, commonly known as “lazy eye”? Well, this tool is here to help.

Lazyeyefix AI Photo Editor is a 100% free tool that uses AI to automatically fix lazy eyes in photographs. It detects misaligned eyes in portraits and replaces them with a mirrored version of the properly aligned eye. This creates natural-looking edits in just seconds.

How it works:

Lazyeyefix uses advanced artificial intelligence to edit misaligned eyes:

  • Detects faces and identifies eyes using machine learning algorithms.
  • Analyzes eye alignment and measures positioning of pupils.
  • Identifies the wandering eye based on angle and sclera visibility.
  • Clones the properly aligned eye and flips it horizontally.
  • Seamlessly overlays the cloned eye on the original wandering eye.
  • Performs final tweaks to color, lighting and blending for a natural look.

How to use it:

1. Visit Lazyeyefix AI Photo Editor.

2. Select and upload an image that has a lazy eye issue.

Lazyeyefix AI Photo Editor Original Image

3. Let the tool work its magic! Once done, click on the DOWNLOAD IMAGE button to save the corrected photo. You can also click on the Original label to compare the original and edited images.

Lazyeyefix AI Photo Editor Fixed Image

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