Free Versatile AI Image Generation Platform – CGDream

Generate high-quality AI images from text, images, and 3D models. Free and customizable!

Cgdream is a powerful AI image generation platform that enables you to create high-quality and royalty-free images from text prompts, existing images, 3D models, and a range of artistic filters.

It generously offers each registered user up to 18,000 free image generations per month. This enables you to fully explore the capabilities of this leading AI image generation technology without financial constraints. The AI-generated images are 100% free and can be used for personal or commercial projects.

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More Features:

  • Concurrent Jobs: Manage multiple image generation tasks simultaneously for increased productivity.
  • DreamUp Generations: Refine prompts using internal tools to produce more detailed and intricate images.
  • Custom Aspect Ratios: Choose from aspect ratios including 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, or 16:9 to suit specific project needs.
  • Variant Generation: Option to generate up to 4 different image variants from a single prompt.
  • Inpainting Tool: Modify specific parts of the AI-generated image to perfect the artwork.
  • Resolution Enhancement: Double the image resolution from 1024×1024 to 2048×2024 pixels with AI.
  • Prompt Guidance: Adjust the creative or defined nature of the image with prompt guidance settings.
  • Customization Options: Access more settings like auto-enhance, random/fixed seed for image variants, and negative prompts for further customization.
  • Public Gallery Access: Explore a vast gallery of images created by other users for inspiration.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Cgdream platform and type or paste any text prompt into the text input to describe the image you want to generate.

2. Hit the “Generate” button to create a high-resolution image from your description.

Cgdream AI image generation prompt

3. This is an image of a Japanese anime girl I generated using the prompt ‘Anime Girl, Long Hair’ without using any advanced features. The image is so realistic that it appears almost fake.

Cgdream AI image generation anime girl

4. Beyond text prompts, Cgdream allows you to upload their own images or 3D models as a basis for AI image generation.

Cgdream AI image generation upload

5. To enhance the aesthetic quality of your images, Cgdream provides a variety of preset filters. You can apply up to five filters simultaneously, and the AI will suggest suitable filter options based on your prompts.

Cgdream AI image generation filters

6. Once the image is generated, you can modify a part of it using the built-in Inpainting function. You can also click the 2x button to enhance the resolution using AI.

Cgdream AI image generation edit

7. Move your mouse to the right sidebar to access more customization options:

  • Custom Aspect Ratio: 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, or 16:9
  • Generate up to 1-4 image variants
  • Prompt Guidance: Lower values for more chaotic and creative images, higher values for more defined and contrasting visuals
  • Auto-enhance short prompts
  • Random or Fixed Seed to generate new image variations
  • Negative Prompt: Describe what you don’t want to see in the image
Cgdream AI image generation customization

8. The platform features a large gallery of publicly available AI images generated by other users. You can search by keyword or filter these AI images by generation method to gain inspiration for your prompts.

Cgdream AI image generation gallery

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