Analyze and Extract Image Content With gpt2txt and 2txt

Two AI-powered open-source solutions for analyzing and extract information from images.

Today, I’m going to introduce two open-source and free AI tools: gpt2txt and 2txt. Both tools allow you to quickly analyze and extract content from images, including any text contained within them.

Although these tools’ functionality is identical, they differ in the APIs they use. gpt2txt utilizes OpenAI’s API, while 2txt employs the Claude API from Anthropic.

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For demonstration, I used gpt2txt (I’m a big fan of ChatGPT!) to analyze an AI-generated photo of a girl.

AI Girl

The tool accurately described the image as ‘A young woman with long brown hair walking on a city street at night, with brightly lit storefronts and buildings in the background,’ and indicated that no text was found in the image.

gpt2txt Result

Both gpt2txt and 2txt are built using the Vercel AI SDK and Next.js. This means you can easily deploy them on Vercel and have your own web app up and running in no time.

gpt2txt Live Demo2txt Live Demo

These two tools are great for anyone who needs to quickly understand the contents of an image.

For example, you have a website or app that might need to automatically categorize images. Gpt2txt and 2txt can provide the descriptive text you need to make that happen.

They can also be useful for accessibility purposes, by providing textual descriptions of images for users who are visually impaired.

How to use it:

1. Clone the gpt2txt or 2txt repo from Github using the commands:

git clone
git clone

2. Create a .env.local file and insert your OpenAI API Key or Anthropic API Key:

// OpenAI API
// Anthropic API

3. Install the required dependencies and start the dev server with…

pnpm instal
pnpm dev

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