Zoom Unveils the Future of Work with AI Companion

An AI assistant called Zoom AI Companion that will provide features like meeting summaries, message suggestions, and more for paid Zoom customers.

Zoom has introduced an AI assistant called Zoom AI Companion that aims to help users on paid Zoom plans be more productive, connected, and skillful. The new AI assistant was announced this week and is available to eligible paid Zoom customers at no additional cost.

Zoom AI Companion is designed to help users in various ways, including providing meeting recaps, summarizing chats, composing messages, generating ideas, and more. The assistant uses natural language processing to understand meeting conversations and chats to provide helpful summaries and suggestions.

Zoom AI Companion Team Chat
From Zoom

Key Features:

  • Meeting Summaries – Users can get a recap of what was discussed in a meeting they missed or zoned out of. The summary outlines who said what, key discussion topics, and action items.
  • Chat Summaries – AI Companion can review unread chats and provide an instant summary so users can quickly understand the key points.
  • Message Composition – Whether in chat or email, the assistant can help users craft thoughtful, coherent messages.
  • Idea Generation – Users can leverage the AI to brainstorm creative ideas on a digital whiteboard. AI Companion organizes the ideas into categories.
  • Smart Recordings – AI Companion automatically divides cloud recordings into chapters and highlights important moments for easy review later.

Zoom states that it does not use any customer content like audio, video, or chat messages to train its AI models. The assistant’s capabilities will roll out gradually over the coming weeks and months.

AI Companion provides paid Zoom users with a personal AI assistant to help save time on repetitive tasks, keep them connected with what they missed, and even coach them to improve skills over time. It demonstrates Zoom’s commitment to integrating AI in a responsible way to enhance experiences for users.

The launch of Zoom AI Companion sets the stage for more advanced features down the road. Zoom envisions the assistant evolving into a fully conversational AI that can help prepare for meetings, provide support, and more. For now, eligible paid users can start experiencing the basic productivity and collaboration benefits for themselves.

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