Transform YouTube Videos To Step-by-Step Guides – Stepify

Skip the long videos! Stepify uses AI to turn YouTube tutorials into step-by-step guides. Learn new skills faster – try it now!

Stepify is a free online tool that uses AI to transform lengthy YouTube videos into concise, step-by-step tutorials. It can be helpful for anyone looking to extract quick, actionable guidance from YouTube videos without watching them in their entirety.

For instance, a lengthy tutorial on a recipe becomes a concise cooking guide, listing ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Similarly, a fitness video is broken down into routines with warm-up, exercises, stretching, and cool-down phases.

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How to use it:

1. Go to the Stepify website and paste the YouTube video URL into the text field.

Stepify Enter Youtube URL

2. Click the ‘Submit’ button. The AI will process the video and present a structured, step-by-step tutorial.

3. For example, I asked the AI to summarize a recipe on how to make Shakshuka (a delicious Middle Eastern dish). The AI generated a recipe in seconds, including ingredients, instructions, preparation, variations, etc. A recipe that originally required watching a 7-minute video was mastered in just a few seconds.

Stepify Shakshuka Recipe

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