Generate Summaries Of YouTube Videos Using GPT API – Youtube Subti̇tle Summarizer

Get precise, concise summaries of any YouTube video content in seconds. Save time, learn fast!

Youtube Subti̇tle Summarizer is an open-source AI tool that uses OpenAI API to generate summaries of Youtube Videos with just one click.

This tool allows you to simply enter the URL of any Youtube video and select your desired summary length. With the click of a Summarize button, the tool parses video content using ChatGPT and provides a high-level written summary of the key topics and points made in the video.

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Use Cases:

  • Students and Lifelong Learners: Whether it’s a lecture, a tutorial, or a documentary, students and learners can use this tool to get a quick overview of a video’s content. It can help identify videos that are most relevant to their study needs.
  • Professionals: Professionals who rely on YouTube for industry insights, but have limited time, can use the summarizer to quickly absorb key information.
  • Content Creators: YouTube creators can use the tool to summarize their own or competitors’ videos, aiding in content creation and market research.
  • General Audiences: Anyone who uses YouTube as a primary source of information can benefit from the efficiency and speed that the tool offers.

Delopy the app locally:

1. Clone the repo from Github.

git clone

2. Install dependencies:

npm install

3. Start the sever.

npm run start

How to use this tool

1. Run the app locally or visit

2. Insert the video URL into the input field and click the ‘Summarize’ button. Enjoy.

Youtube Subti̇tle Summarizer Insert URL

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