Turn Youtube Videos Into Blogs Posts, Twitter Threads, Or ChatBots – Crucible

Your AI-powered tool for generating blogs, Twitter threads, and ChatBots from YouTube videos.

Crucible is an AI tool that enables you to create blog posts, generate Twitter threads, and even chat with YouTube videos.


  • It turns video content into easily digestible written blogs, allowing you to review content at your own pace.
  • Its Twitter thread creation feature is a boon for sharing valuable content without manual transcription. Moreover,
  • Its unique Chat with YouTube Videos feature delivers a highly interactive and engaging viewing experience.

How to use it:

1. Go to Crucible.com.

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2. Input the YouTube video URL you want to work with.

Crucible Youtube Video URL

3. Choose the task you would like to perform: Generate a Blog Post, Generate a Twitter Thread, or Chat with the Video.

Crucible Select Task

4. Provide any necessary additional information and click Generate.

Crucible Additional Info

5. enjoy the result of AI magic, whether it’s a blog post, a Twitter thread, or an interactive chat.

Crucible Result

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