Free AI-Powered Workout Planner – Toneup

Get instant customized workouts from Toneup's advanced AI - just enter your fitness goals to receive a tailored training plan.

Stuck in a workout rut? Want to ditch the gym for personalized training at home?

Meet Toneup, the free web app that uses AI to generate unique workout plans based on your individual needs and goals.

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Want to build muscle? Toneup picks exercises to target specific muscle groups. Craving cardio? It designs heart-pumping routines to get you burning.

Plus, Toneup doesn’t quit after one workout. It learns from your feedback and progress, adjusting your next plan for an even better sweat session.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Toneup App.

2. Enter your fitness level and workout goals when prompted. Examples: “Beginner, want to improve strength and flexibility” or “Intermediate runner looking to increase endurance.”

AI-Powered Workout Planner Toneup Fitness Level And Goal

3. Click the “Generate Workout” button. Toneup’s AI will instantly create a personalized workout plan for you. This includes warm-up, the workout itself, and cool-down. Each action is specified with the number of sets and duration.

AI-Powered Workout Planner Toneup Result

4. The app features a stopwatch, making it easy to start training immediately and keep track of your workout.

AI-Powered Workout Planner Toneup Stopwatch

5. Optionally, share your workout feedback. Discuss challenges, achievements, and areas for improvement. This information helps Toneup refine future workouts, ensuring continuous progress.

AI-Powered Workout Planner Toneup Notes

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