Personalized Workout Programs Crafted by AI – Body Scan

Use AI to analyze your body shape and composition from a photo. Get an affordable, personalized fitness and nutrition plan to help you reach your goals.

Body Scan uses machine learning models trained on DEXA scan data to analyze your body composition from a simple full-body photo taken with your phone.

It measures metrics like body fat percentage, lean mass, and calorie needs to create a customized workout program and nutrition plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

By providing personalized insights and workout programs, it helps users achieve their fitness goals with precision and ease. Whether you’re a gym-goer seeking optimized workouts or someone starting a home fitness journey, Body Scan is your ideal fitness partner.

How to use it:

1. Visit Body Scan.

2. Take a selfie. Scan a full-body selfie, anywhere, anytime. Add your personal stats, including age, height, and weight.

Body Scan Selfie

3. Get your Body Scan Report in seconds. Launch your fitness journey with your body’s data: body fat and lean mass percentage.

4. View your fitness and nutrition action plan. Personalized fitness programs and micronutrient plans get you moving in the right direction.

5. Pair with video workouts tailored to your report. Connect your report to the Zing app to get customized workout routines built for your body.

6. Visually monitor your progress. Measure and track your progress over time and see your results.

Body Scan Result

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