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Turn your imagination into reality with Moonvalley's text-to-video AI. Easy, creative, and fun.

Moonvalley is a brand new text-to-video generative AI that allows you to create stunning cinematic and animated videos simply by providing a text prompt. Now available in beta via Discord.

Perfect for creating short, impactful videos for social media, presentations, or personal projects. The best part? It’s super user-friendly and ideal for anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life without complex video editing skills.

How to use it:

1. Join the Moonvalley Discord Server.

2. Navigate to the new-moon-1 channel (or any other new-moon-x channel).

3. Use the command /create and type in your video idea. For example: /create prompt: A girl with long hair watches the sunrise on the beach.

4. You’ll be prompted to select a style like “Realism” or “3D Animation” and choose the length of your generated video.

Moonvalley AI Video Generator Prompt & Options

5. Video generation times vary based on server load and demand. Generally, a 1-second video takes 2-5 minutes, a 3-second video 4-8 minutes, and a 5-second video 8-12 minutes.

6. Once your video is ready, you can download it using the download icon on the top right of the clip.

Moonvalley AI Video Generator Download

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