Boost Search Ranking With CleanMySEO: An AI-powered SEO Audit Tool

A free AI-powered SEO audit tool that analyzes your website and provides actionable insights for better search engine visibility. Try it now!

CleanMySEO is a free AI-powered SEO audit tool that performs a comprehensive SEO analysis on any webpage you specify.

It identifies errors and opportunities related to page titles, meta descriptions, images, keywords, headings, Google Web Vitals, Open Graph Images, and other factors that impact your site’s search engine ranking.

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Additionally, the tool offers AI-generated recommendations to help you improve your SEO. This includes suggestions for revamping your page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and keyword strategies.

How to use it:

1. Visit the CleanMySEO website and enter the URL you want to audit for SEO.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool Enter URL

2. Press enter to initiate the SEO audit process. After your page is analyzed, you will see an SEO Score Card displaying scores (on a ten-point scale) for each page element.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool Score Board

3. Click on any element in the SEO Score Card to see detailed insights and suggestions for improvement.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool Insights

4. Scroll down the SEO report to find the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) analysis. This metric assesses page responsiveness using data from the Event Timing API. Use this information to optimize your pages for higher Google search rankings.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool Web Vitals

5. The Open Graph Preview section offers a glimpse of how your page will appear on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and iMessage.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool Open Graph

6. Clicking “Analyze with AI” prompts the tool to generate SEO suggestions tailored to your webpage. These include AI-rewritten page titles, keywords, meta descriptions, and headings—all optimized for SEO performance.

CleanMySEO AI SEO Audit Tool AI Rec

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