Fix Old & Blurred Photos To Revive Faded Memories – Photo Fix

Give new life to old, blurred photos with Photo Fix AI tool. Restore clarity and enhance facial details for free. Try it now!

Remember that old, blurry photo of your grandparents you wish you could see clearly? Well, now you might be able to!

Photo Fix is a free AI-powered old photo restoration tool that tackles blurry faces caused by camera shake, old age, or low resolution.

This tool uses advanced AI to sharpen blurry faces, restore faded details, and even correct some imperfections.

It is perfect for genealogists, historians, or anyone looking to improve the quality and clarity of their images.

How to use it:

1. Visit Photo Fix and create a free account with your Google account. This will allow you to fix up to five photos per day at no cost.

2. Choose a photo you wish to enhance and upload it to the platform.

Photo Fix old photo restoration upload

3. Sit back and let the AI do its thing. Photo Fix will automatically analyze and attempt to repair your uploaded image.

4. When the process is complete, you’ll see your original and enhanced photos side by side. You can toggle the Compare switch to use a slider for a more dynamic comparison between the before and after photos.

Photo Fix old photo restoration before after

5. If you’re happy with the results, download the enhanced photo for your personal use or to share with family and friends.

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