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Match your mood to the perfect playlist, movie, TV Show, or book with Explore today! is 100% free AI app that recommends personalized Spotify playlists, Netflix Movies & TV Shows, and books based on your mood. It taps into the psychology of color to determine your emotional state and serve up custom recommendations to evoke or improve your mood.

How it works

By selecting colors that resonate with you at a particular moment, taranify’s AI algorithms make educated guesses about your mood. From there, it recommends a Spotify playlist to vibe to, a Netflix movie or show to get engrossed in, or a book to lose yourself in. It’s like having a personal entertainment assistant that knows just what you need.

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How to use it:

1. Visit

2. Decide if you’re in the mood for a Spotify playlist, Netflix movie & TV show, or a book. Select AI Tools

3. The AI will prompt you to select 9 colors, in order of appeal. Go with your gut and choose the colors that resonate with you at that moment.

4. Tell the AI how you’re feeling. Are you deeply unhappy, somewhat unhappy, neutral, somewhat happy, or ecstatically happy? Select Mood

5. Just give the AI a moment. Soon, you’ll get AI-generated recommendations perfect for your state of mind! Result Spotify Playlists

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