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Test your understanding of web content with the Do I Understand free AI tool. Generate quizzes and improve your comprehension.

We’ve all been there. You finish an article or technical document, only to realize you barely remember what you just read. Did the information actually sink in?

Do I Understand is a free AI tool that helps you find out. This tool automatically generates a quick, ten-question quiz based on the content of any webpage you provide. Think of it as a quick check for your understanding.

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This tool is also helpful for students, professionals, and anyone curious about their reading comprehension. By testing your knowledge, Do I Understand helps you identify areas you might need to revisit and reinforces your learning.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Do I Understand website. In the search bar, enter the URL of the web page from which you want the AI to generate questions.

Do I Understand AI Enter URL

2. Click the Generate button and the tool will scan the webpage’s content and generate a ten-question quiz. For instance, using as an example, the tool might generate questions like:

Question 1
What does the AI tool 'Homeworkify IM' provide?

Question 2
Which AI tool can help you scan your Scrabble board and suggest the best moves?

Question 3
What can the AI tool 'Deepswapper' do?

Question 4
Which AI tool is known for generating CSS gradients?

Question 5
What service does 'No Filter GPT' provide?

Question 6
Which AI tool predicts lifespan and future finances?

Question 7
What can 'Lazyeyefix AI' help with?

Question 8
Which AI tool analyzes visuals and generates detailed descriptions?

Question 9
What is the purpose of 'Tiempo AI'?

Question 10
Which AI tool synthesizes couple photos from individual portraits?

3. Click the ‘start’ button to begin the quiz.

Do I Understand AI Begin Quiz

4. The tool provides immediate feedback on your answers. Green borders indicate correct answers, while red borders signal incorrect ones. You’ll also see the correct answer, your chosen answer, and a brief explanation for each question.

Do I Understand AI Question

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