Generate Unique QR Codes With Quirky AI Tool

An AI-driven QR code generator that transforms QR codes from functional tools into pieces of digital art.

Quirky is an open-source QR code generator that generates QR codes embedded in AI-created artistic backgrounds.

Stand out from basic black and white QR codes. Quirky combines Replicate, a platform for executing machine learning models in the cloud, Multi-ControlNet, a layering controlnet model for enriching your QR code, and react-qr-code for the actual generation of QR codes.

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Using Quirky is straightforward and user-friendly. Visit the Quirky app, enter your desired URL and prompts, and the tool generates a unique QR code art piece set against an AI-created background. These backgrounds are shaped by the prompts you enter, making each QR code entirely customizable and distinctive.

Generate Unique QR Codes With Quirky

Run The App Locally:

1. Add your Replicate API token to .env.local after installation.

npm install

2. Run the development server.

npm run dev

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