Artistic QR Code Generator – Zust QR

Create beautiful and functional QR codes in seconds with Zust QR's artistic AI tool. Customize margin, strength, and more!

Just another AI QR Code generator that turns any URL into a visually appealing Art QR code.

Traditional QR codes are functional but often lack aesthetic appeal. Zust QR utilizes AI to generate creative QR codes based on your prompts and reference images. You can describe the look and feel you want for your QR code, and the AI will generate unique designs.

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How to use it:

1. Head over to the official website to start.

2. Type in the URL you want to be encoded into the QR code.

Zust QR Code Generator Input

3. Enter a text prompt to guide the AI in generating the design. Reference images can also be uploaded.

4. Click the Generate button, and Zust QR will then generate 4 QR code options. It also runs an automatic test to check whether AI-generated QR codes are scannable.

Zust QR Code Generator Result

5. For more advanced customization, visit You can tweak the margin, QR code strength for masking, isolation, and pixelation, and more.

Zust QR Code Generator Advanced

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