AI & Parametric QR Code Generator – QRBTF

An AI-powered QR code generator that allows you to create truly unique and visually striking QR codes.

QRBTF (QR Code Beautifier) is the world’s first AI-powered QR Code generator that allows you to create truly unique and personalized QR Codes from user prompts and a range of adjustable parameters.

But QRBTF doesn’t stop there. It boasts a collection of pre-designed templates that allow you to generate beautiful QR codes quickly and easily. These templates offer customization options too, so you can still add your own personal touch.

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How to use it:

1. Navigate to the QRBTF website and sign in using your Discord account. New users can generate up to 10 AI QR codes daily for free, while subscribers enjoy unlimited creations for a $20 monthly fee. Note that this limit applies only to AI-generated QR codes.

2. Input the URL you want your QR code to link to and select the first style option to activate the AI generation process.

QRBTF AI QR Code Generator Enter URL

3. Provide positive and negative prompts to influence the AI generation. You can also adjust parameters like control weight and error correction rate for optimal scanning and visual appeal.

QRBTF AI QR Code Generator Prompts

4. Click the Generate button to view your AI-generated QR Code.

QRcode ScriptByAI

5. For non-AI templates, select your preferred design, adjust parameters, and generate your QR code without any login or subscription requirements.

QRBTF AI QR Code Generator Templates

About QRBTF:

QRBTF is the result of a university course project that sparked the idea of using generative art techniques to elevate the humble QR code. The team behind it began experimenting with various methods, from embedding QR codes within intricate lines and bubbles to incorporating pixel art and other captivating patterns.

In June 2023, QRBTF took a giant leap forward by pioneering the fusion of QR codes with generative AI. They created the world’s first AI QR Code generator by utilizing AI technologies like ControlNet and Stable Diffusion.

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