Generate Image Descriptions From Webcam Using GPT-4V – WebcamGPT-Vision

A web app that lets you point your webcam at anything and have GPT-4 Vision API describe what it sees.

WebcamGPT-Vision is an open-source web app that allows users to capture any real-world scene, object, or person with their webcam and generate an AI-powered description.

It uses GPT-4 Vision API to process images from webcams and returns detailed, multi-sentence descriptions of contents. Potential use cases include enhancing accessibility for the visually impaired, analyzing surveillance footage, automatically captioning images, and more.

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GitHub RepoExample Web App

How to use it:

1. Before using WebcamGPT-Vision, you’ll need:

  • A modern web browser
  • A webcam connected and enabled
  • Backend installed (PHP, Node.js or Python)
  • An API key for the GPT-4 Vision API

2. Install the WebcamGPT-Vision on your server.

3. Open the web app in your browser.

4. Click “Capture” to take a snapshot from your webcam.

5. The AI-generated description will appear below the image.

6. Try capturing various scenes and objects to see GPT-4V’s capabilities.

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