Smart & Personalized AI Shopping Assistant – Claros

Say goodbye to hours wasted browsing. Claros' AI scours the web and handpicks products tailored to your style - effortless online shopping awaits!

As someone who loves online shopping, I totally get how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect product among the millions of options out there. That’s when I discovered Claros, an AI-powered personal shopping assistant that really caught my eye.

Unlike vast marketplaces like Amazon and Temu, which can feel like a never-ending scroll fest, Claros excels at delivering precisely what you’re looking for. It cuts through the noise, filters out the irrelevant results, and presents you with recommendations that it’s confident you’ll love.

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Maybe you need a new summer dress, but you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there. Just describe your dream dress to Claros – the style, the color, the material, the price range – and it will scour the internet to find the perfect match for you.

How to use it:

1. Visit Claros platform and describe what you’re looking for in natural language. For instance, typing in “Cheap but stylish skirts” prompts Claros to brainstorm product ideas and attributes like length, color, material, and price range for you to fine-tune your search. You can even ask for more ideas if you’re not sure what you want.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant Search

2. Click “Search” and let Claros work its magic. The AI agent analyzes your request, scours online stores and articles, and considers various factors before recommending the best products for you.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant Best Option

3. Scroll through the recommendations and discover hidden gems you might have missed on your own.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant More Options

4. Not quite feeling any of the recommendations? No problem! You can adjust Claros’ built-in filters (which are all generated based on your initial search) to get a fresh batch of tailored suggestions.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant Filters

5. Click on a product you like to be taken directly to the online store where you can purchase it. You can also ask Claros to recommend similar products.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant Buy

6. This genius AI shopping assistant is totally free to use, no strings attached. That said, I do recommend creating an account so Claros can keep track of all your searches and preferences for next time.

Claros AI Shopping Assistant History


Q: How does Claros work?
A: You describe the product you’re looking for, and Claros uses AI to analyze your request, search online stores and articles, and

Q: How does Claros ensure the recommendations are relevant?
A: It considers numerous factors, including online reviews and product specifications, to ensure the suggestions meet your criteria.

Q: Can Claros recommend products from any online store?
A: Yes, Claros isn’t tied to any specific retailer. It crawls the entire web to find you the best matches from all over, whether that’s big-name stores or smaller boutiques.

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