Automated Novel Generation with AI – gpt-author

gpt-author leverages AI to fully automate fantasy novel writing. Just provide a prompt and get an ebook in minutes!

gpt-author is an open-source AI tool that leverages GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, and Anthropic to generate entire fantasy novels with a short prompt automatically.

This amazing AI allows anyone to become an AI-assisted author. With typing a text prompt describing the novel’s genre, themes, etc., it will create an engaging multi-chapter fantasy story in minutes. gpt-author democratizes novel writing, letting anyone generate a book for just a few dollars.

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How gpt-author works

The AI generates potential plots, selects the most compelling one, refines it, and extracts a title. It then builds a complete chapter-by-chapter storyline, writes each chapter individually following the plot, and creates cover art. Finally, it compiles everything into an EPUB e-book file, immediately compatible with e-book readers. No further conversion required.

How to use it

1. For the latest experience, use Google Colab or a local Jupyter notebook (preferably gpt_author_v2.ipynb).

2. On Google Colab, open the notebook, input your API keys, and run the cells sequentially.

3. For local Jupyter notebook users, make sure you’ve installed the required dependencies:

pip install openai ebooklib requests

4. Customize the prompt and specify the number of chapters in the notebook’s last cell:

prompt = "Your prompt here"
num_chapters = 15
writing_style = "Describe writing style here"
novel, title, chapters, chapter_titles = write_fantasy_novel(prompt, num_chapters, writing_style)

5. Here are several compelling fantasy novels created using gpt-author. You can view and download the EPUB files from the provided links and open them in e-reading apps to get a firsthand look at the quality of gpt-author’s automated novel generation.

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