Free Multilingual AI Video Caption Generator – CapHacker

Need video captions? Use CapHacker's AI to transcribe speech into text with high accuracy. Customizable and 100% free!

CapHacker is a free AI video caption generator that creates accurate, customizable captions for videos in over 99 languages without watermarks or fees.

It improves video accessibility by transcribing video content into text captions with high accuracy. This can make videos understandable across different languages and for audiences who prefer or require subtitles.

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How to use it:

1. Start by visiting the CapHacker website and creating a free account.

2. Upload your video to the platform. You can upload videos up to 200MB in size, in MP4 or MOV formats. The default language is English, but you have the choice of 98 other languages.

CapHacker AI video caption generator upload

3. After uploading, wait for the transcription to complete. A download button will appear once it’s ready.

CapHacker AI video caption generator download

4. Want to add your own touch? No problem! Change fonts, colors, and even add effects to make your captions rock.

CapHacker AI video caption generator custom

5. You can also choose from 5 pre-made templates to add a unique style to your videos.

6. Share your captioned masterpiece with the world! And remember, you can always come back and edit later. CapHacker saves your progress, so you’re never stuck.

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