Free AI Image Blending Tool To Merge Photos Like a Pro – Ligma

Merge and blend images without coding on the Ligma Art tool. Make fun, creative art by uploading your photos today!.

Ligma is a free AI tool that lets you seamlessly blend two images together to create unique art.

The advanced AI ensures the merge looks natural, with colors and details flowing smoothly between the images. Perfect for having fun and making visually exciting combinations.

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There are many creative ways to use Ligma: combine two photos for a double exposure effect, blend landscapes together, merge animals or objects in imaginative ways, and more.

The simple interface makes it easy to instantly see your blended artwork.

How to use it:

1. Visit Ligma Art website, upload two images you want to merge, or choose from the provided selection.

Free AI Image Blending Tool Ligma Upload

2. Click on each image thumbnail once uploaded. Ligma will automatically merge the two photos.

Free AI Image Blending Tool Ligma Result

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