Transform Your Selfies Into Unique AI Artwork Portraits – AI Portrait

Upload a single selfie to instantly generate customized AI-powered portraits and avatar art for free - no photography skills needed.

An AI-driven portrait generator that provides an easy way to create unique AI artwork portraits with just a single selfie.

You can create a variety of mesmerizing portraits in different styles like paintings, drawings, anime, manga, and more. It utilizes Midjourney API to study the features, textures, colors, lighting, and proportions of your selfie to generate new portraits that look just like you.

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The benefit is getting unique, customized portraits for free without needing professional photography. It breathes new life into your photos. Great for social media avatars, online profiles, or just for fun.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AI portrait generator.

2. Upload a high-resolution solo photo. Best results come from photos where the subject is looking straight at the camera without obstructions like hair or glasses.

AI Portrait Generator Upload

3. Select Gender, Age Range, and Race:

AI Portrait Generator Attributes

4. Choose a Portrait Template from the following options:

AI Portrait Generator Templates
  • ID Photo
  • Film Portrait
  • K-Wave Art
  • Realistic Oil Painting
  • Front Face Portrait
  • Harry Potter
  • Realistic Comic
  • Cyberpunk

5. Enter your email address and press the Generate button. Keep an eye on your email inbox for your unique portrait.

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