Mask Your Personal Details In Prompts With MaskMyPrompt

An AI tool that anonymizes your prompts locally in your browser before feeding them to AI models. Protect your privacy without sacrificing the power of AI.

MaskMyPrompt is an AI tool that makes it easy to anonymize any prompt before sending it to AI models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard.

It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and replace sensitive entities such as names, organizations, and locations within your prompt with fabricated substitutes. All of this processing happens locally in your browser, ensuring that your data remains completely within your control and is never transmitted to an external server.

While MaskMyPrompt aims to anonymize personal details, its abilities are limited since AI technology cannot replicate human judgment perfectly. However, by processing data locally rather than relying on an external service, this tool gives you maximum control and visibility over how your information is handled and shared. You maintain oversight of what details are obfuscated and can make changes as needed to suit your privacy requirements.

How to use it:

1. Visit MaskMyPrompt website.

2. Enter your prompt and click on the ‘Mask’ button. The tool will then download a named entity recognition model into your browser, which scans your text for any potentially identifiable information. The model substitutes any found entities with fictional alternatives, effectively anonymizing your prompt.

MaskMyPrompt Output

Use Cases:

  • Maintain privacy: Mask sensitive data like names, addresses or account numbers to protect personal details and comply with data policies.
  • Prevent bias: Anonymize details that could potentially introduce unfair bias or influence when processed by an AI model.
  • Test chatbots: Experiment with different AI chat tools using a variety of anonymized sample conversations and prompts.
  • Confidential Data Handling: Perfect for environments where confidential data is involved, such as in legal, healthcare, or corporate settings, where client or patient data protection is of utmost importance.

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