Get Instant Legal Answers with AskLegal’s AI Chatbot

Need quick legal insights? AskLegal's AI chatbot offers accurate, secure, and tailored legal guidance. Learn more now!

Have you ever found yourself confused by legal jargon or unsure where to turn with a legal question? Enter AskLegal, a free and fast AI lawyer chatbot.

This AI chatbot is specifically designed to provide instant legal insights on various topics, such as criminal law, contract law, family law, real estate, employment, landlord-tenant issues, and more. Plus, it keeps everything confidential, so you can ask away without worry.

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In addition, AskLegal boasts an AI-powered document review tool that can help you understand rental agreements, employment contracts, insurance policies, and more. Just upload your document and chat with the AI to gain valuable legal insights.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AskLegal website and type any legal question you have into the chat box. No registration required – it’s completely free to use.

Ask Legal AI Chatbot Question

2. AskLegal’s AI will analyze your query and provide an immediate and insightful response.

Ask Legal AI Chatbot Answer

3. After receiving your answer, AskLegal will evaluate the reliability of the AI’s response and display a reliability score at the bottom of the text. If you want to dive deeper and understand the reasoning behind each score, you can sign up for early access to their latest reliability feature.

Ask Legal AI Chatbot Score

4. Provide feedback on the answers you receive to help AskLegal become even more accurate and helpful.

Ask Legal AI Chatbot Feedback

5. Have a legal document you need help understanding? No problem! Simply upload your file (preferably a PDF under 10MB) and chat with your document. AskLegal supports rental agreements, employment contracts, insurance policies, and more. Keep in mind that this feature is still in its early stages, so a little patience might be required as they continue to enhance the experience.

Ask Legal AI Chatbot Document

6. One important note: The information provided by AskLegal is for general informational purposes only. It’s an experimental AI service, which means there’s a possibility of mistakes. If you have a serious legal issue, it’s always best to consult with a licensed lawyer.


Q: Is AskLegal a replacement for a real lawyer?
A: No, AskLegal is not a substitute for a licensed attorney. It’s an AI-powered tool designed to provide general legal information and guidance. For complex or serious legal matters, it’s always best to consult with a qualified lawyer.

Q: How does AskLegal ensure the accuracy of its legal advice?
A: AskLegal’s AI is trained on a vast database of legal information and continuously updated to reflect changes in laws and regulations. However, as an experimental software, there’s a possibility of errors or inaccuracies. That’s why AskLegal provides a reliability score for each answer, and users are encouraged to seek professional legal counsel for critical matters.

Q: Is my data and information secure when using AskLegal?
A: Yes, AskLegal prioritizes data security and privacy. Your conversations and uploaded documents are encrypted and protected using top-tier security measures. Your confidential information remains confidential.

Q: Is there a cost associated with using AskLegal?
A: AskLegal’s basic legal question-answering service is completely free to use, with no registration required. However, certain advanced features, such as the reliability score explanations, may require signing up for early access or a paid subscription in the future.

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