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Transform your LinkedIn content with Postfluencer's AI-powered writing frameworks. Start creating compelling posts today!

Postfluencer is a free AI writing tool that helps anyone who wants to establish a strong presence on LinkedIn or X.com by generating high-quality content.

It uses advanced AI and popular writing frameworks—like the AIDA, PAIPS, and the Hero’s Journey narrative structure—to generate content that captivates the reader’s attention and conveys the desired message effectively.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Postfluencer website and enter your email address to sign in to your account. You’ll receive a magic link in your inbox to log in.

2. Enter the topic or post you want to write about in your own words.

Postfluencer AI Linkedin Post Generator Enter

3. Choose the writing framework that best suits your needs from the options provided:

  1. AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This framework guides readers through stages before making a decision.
  2. Hero’s Journey: A narrative archetype where the hero goes on an adventure, learns a lesson, and returns transformed.
  3. Simple: A clear distinction between headline, body, and summary. Ideal for short posts.
  4. Clear: Inspired by Matt Barker’s posts, this framework features short but powerful sentences.
  5. PAIPS: Problem, Agitate, Intrigue, Positive Future, Solution.

4. Choose the post type: Paragraph or Listicle, and then click ‘Generate’ to generate a LinkedIn post based on the specified writing framework and post type.

5. In the preview area on the right, you can preview the generated LinkedIn post and make adjustments or tweaks to it as needed.

Postfluencer AI Linkedin Post Generator Preview

6. If you’re not satisfied with the generated post, click the “Re-generate” button to rewrite it. You can rewrite the post as many times as needed, free of charge.

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