Interact With Youtube Videos Using Transvribe AI

Stop wasting time skimming long Youtube videos. Transvribe's AI scans captions to find answers to your questions in seconds.

Transvribe is an AI tool that allows users to have natural conversations with any YouTube video with English captions.

This can help users quickly find the information they need without having to watch the full video or skim through transcripts. Perfect for students, researchers, or anyone looking to learn more effectively.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Transvribe website.

2. Copy and paste your desired YouTube video URL. Remember, for now, the AI only interacts with videos that have English captions.

Transvribe AI Youtube Video URL

3. Type or dictate your question into the chat box and Transvribe Ai will instantly scan the captions and provide an answer.

Transvribe AI Chat With Youtube Video

4. Ask follow-up questions to have a natural conversation and dig deeper into the content.

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