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Experience free and fast audio/video transcription with Yescribe AI. Accurate transcripts in 98 languages, instantly. Start transcribing today!

Yescribe is a free, fast, accurate, multilingual, advanced, and AI-powered transcription tool that converts audio and video into text. It supports various audio/video file formats, including MP4, MP3, WAV, MOV, FLV, AAC, and more.

Yescribe goes beyond simple transcription. Experience unparalleled accuracy with 99.9% precision, powered by advanced AI models like Whisper API.

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Need a quick turnaround? The Cheetah model delivers speedy results, while the Dolphin offers a balanced combination of speed and accuracy. For the most meticulous transcriptions, choose the Whale model.

For those with lengthy audio or video recordings, Yescribe’s extended support for uploads up to 5 hours in length ensures comprehensive transcription without any content limitations. This is useful for transcribing podcasts, lectures, interviews, or any other extended audio or video content.

Moreover, privacy and security are paramount concerns for Yescribe. The tool guarantees utmost confidentiality by adhering to the highest standards of private and secure data handling.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Yescribe website and sign up for an account.

2. Upload your audio or video file (up to 5 hours in length) and select the desired language and transcription mode: Cheetah for fastest transcription, Dolphin for balanced performance, or Whale for maximum accuracy.

Yescribe AI transcription tool upload

3. Once uploaded, Yescribe will automatically begin the transcription process. Your transcription will be ready in a few minutes, with the specific time depending on the file size and the chosen AI model.

Yescribe AI transcription tool process

4. After the transcription is complete, you can view the transcribed text directly on the website interface. Each transcribed sentence is sorted by timestamp for easy reference.

Yescribe AI transcription tool text

5. Yescribe also generates an AI-powered summary and provides insights into the transcribed content. It can intelligently distinguish different speakers and create separate summaries of the speech content for each speaker.

Yescribe AI transcription tool summary

6. If you need to save your transcription, Yescribe supports exporting the transcribed text to TXT, DOCX, and PDF formats.

Yescribe AI transcription tool export

7. Alternatively, you can share your transcription directly with friends or colleagues by using the provided privacy magic link.

Yescribe AI transcription tool share

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