Andrew Ng Makes Generative AI Accessible for All in New Free Course

AI expert Andrew Ng launches a new free Coursera course explaining generative AI for non-technical learners. Learn core concepts and real-world applications.

AI pioneer and educator Andrew Ng has launched a new 3-week online course, “Generative AI for Everyone“, aiming to demystify this emerging technology for the general public. Offered through Coursera, this course provides a high-level overview of how generative AI works, along with practical guidance on using tools like ChatGPT in professional and personal settings.

In week 1, Ng covers the basics – defining generative AI, explaining the technology behind large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, and outlining capabilities and limitations. He shares tips on effective prompt engineering to get better results. Optional modules on image generation are also included.

Generative AI for Everyone Course Week 1

Week 2 dives into software applications, with opportunities for learners to try coding generative AI themselves. Ng outlines the lifecycle and costs associated with developing generative AI projects, as well as advanced techniques like fine-tuning models.

Generative AI for Everyone Course Week 2

The final week looks at impacts on business and society. Ng demonstrates how to analyze job tasks and workflows to identify opportunities for generative AI augmentation. He also addresses concerns around automation and artificial general intelligence.

Generative AI for Everyone Course Week 3

With his balanced perspective and emphasis on hands-on practice, Ng aims to empower people from all backgrounds to understand generative AI and harness it safely. As this technology continues rapidly evolving, upskilling ourselves is key to ensuring an equitable future. Ng’s course makes this learning accessible to all.

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