Generate And Protect Your Brand Name With Namify’s Free AI Generator

Use Namify's free AI name generator to find the perfect business name with AI, complete with domain, social username and trademark checks. Try it now!

Namify is a free, AI-powered business name generator that enables entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to create memorable brand identities for their brand, company, online store, or any venture they’re embarking on.

Upon describing your business concept, Namify’s AI algorithms rapidly generate over a thousand potential name ideas. You can then ask Namify to validate availability for domain registration, social media username claims, and trademark status.

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In addition, Namify curates brand-aligned domain names to create a sleek and modern online presence for your brand. And the best part? Once you’ve registered your domain name, Namify throws in hundreds of stylish and professional logo options that are absolutely free (applicable for specific domain extensions like .tech, .store, .online, .site, .space, .fun, .host, .press, .uno, and .website).

How to use it:

1. Go to the Namify website and input a brief description of your business. For example:

"Clothing store for women"
"A shop that champions handmade crafts"
"Our brand sells chic clothing essentials"
"Name for an innovative tech brand"
"Our shop sells curated coffee collections"
"Name for an online fashion marketplace"
"A business that offers digital design solutions"
"Our brand sells luxury beauty products"
"A shop for handpicked home decors"
"A brand that offers unique fashion design"

2. Hit the ‘Generate Names’ button. Namify’s AI engine will quickly generate over 1000 names for your consideration.

Namify AI-generated Names

3. Use the filters on the left sidebar to narrow down your options. You can filter by industry, tone (Classic, Fun, Modern, Professional, etc.), style (Alliteration, Alternate Spelling, Brandable, Compound Words, etc.), target audience, keywords, and language.

Namify Filters

4. Click on a name to see if the corresponding domain and social media usernames are available and if the trademark is unregistered.

Namify Check Domain Username Trademark

5. At the top of the results page, you’ll find a set of AI-recommended business names and domain names. If you successfully register a domain name through Namify’s sponsor link, you’ll receive a free logo design to complement your brand identity.

Namify Domain

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