Boost Conversions with AI-Powered Form Analysis – Form Roast

Grade and improve your online forms with AI Form Roast - the free tool that analyzes design, usability, incentives and provides expert recommendations.

AI Form Roast is a free tool that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your online forms.

It grades your forms on four key dimensions – design, usability, incentives, and optimization.

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The AI provides an overall score out of 5 as well as a detailed report with insights and recommendations to improve form completion rates.

This can help businesses and marketers identify issues turning customers away and make data-driven improvements to cut drop-offs.

AI Form Roast is helpful in boosting conversions and optimizing forms without the expertise needed.

How to use it:

1. Visit the AI Form Roast platform.

2. Search by company, paste a URL, or upload a screenshot to get started.

AI Form Roast Insert URL

3. The AI analyzes your form and provides a score out of 5 across four dimensions: Design Usability, Nudges & Incentives, Conversion Optimization, and Form Intelligence.

  • Design & Usability: Are your forms easy to navigate and visually appealing?
  • Nudges & Incentives: Are you using subtle tricks to guide users towards completion?
  • Conversion Optimization: Is your form optimized for maximum sign-ups, purchases, or other goals?
  • Form Intelligence: Are you collecting the right data in the most efficient way?
AI Form Roast Summary

4. Enter your email address to receive a detailed report with insights and recommendations for each dimension.

AI Form Roast Detailed Report (1)

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