Discover Harmonious Font Pairings With Deep Learning – Fontjoy

A fully free, AI-powered font pairing tool to generate the perfect font combinations that balance thematic consistency with pleasing contrast.

Fontjoy is an online tool that helps designers and UI/UX developers find the perfect font combinations. Using deep learning, Fontjoy generates font pairings that balance thematic consistency with pleasing contrast.

How it works:

The tool recognizes that good font combinations share certain similarities while contrasting in specific ways, such as weight, obliqueness, serifs, width, letter spacing, and more. These characteristics are treated as dimensions in a multi-dimensional space, where fonts with contrasting yet complementary features are positioned at opposing ends of the axes.

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Rather than manually grading fonts across numerous features, which can be time-consuming and subjective, Fontjoy utilizes a deep neural network to extract relevant features from the font data automatically. This approach allows the model to discover and analyze the intrinsic characteristics of fonts and map them onto a multi-dimensional space. Within this space, fonts that share similarities across certain dimensions while contrasting in others are identified as potential pairings.

How to use it:

1. Visit the Fontjoy website and click the “Generate” button to create a new font pairing.

2. If you encounter a font pairing you wish to retain, click the ‘Lock’ icon to freeze those fonts. This action ensures that the locked fonts will persist even when you generate new pairings by clicking the Generate button again.

Fontjoy Font Pairing Tool Lock

3. To manually select a new font, click the ‘Edit’ icon and explore the available options. Additionally, you can customize the preview text to assess how the font pairing complements your specific content or branding.

Fontjoy Font Pairing Tool Edit

4. Click the Contrast icon to toggle between dark and light modes. This allows you to evaluate the font pairing’s legibility and aesthetics across different color schemes.

Fontjoy Font Pairing Tool Contrast

5. Continue generating new font pairings until you find the perfect combination for your project. Experiment freely and refine your design choices with confidence!

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